Nag Nagani Udhyog

NNKU (Nag Nagin Khadya Udhyog) is Nepal’s one of the finest manufacturer of Beaten Rice in Nepal located at Parasi. It was founded in 2056. Beaten rice, also known as CHEWDA, is commonly consumed as a snack food after frying and adding salt and spices for taste. It is also consumed with milk and sugar. Beaten rice is produced from paddy by a process of soaking in normal water drying hand-roasting and then flaking followed by sieving and dehusking. There is an increasing demand for beaten rice in Nepal. It is expected that the formulation of the standard on this product would facilitate the availability of beaten rice of known quality.

Naag Nagin Khadya Udhyog is mainly into Beaten Rice manufacturing industry established during 2001A D.This Beaten Rice Mill is semi – automatic Mill designed to produce about 60 MT per day. Premier quality Beaten Rice popularly established in Nepal market under the Brand name of “TIME PASS” and Jhurum&Jhurum”.



Nawal Parasi-Nepal